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COVID-19 3rd wave: Edo enforces ‘no proof of vaccination, no entry’ in govt offices

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…insists on compliance with non-pharmaceutical interventions

The Edo State Government, in the early hours of Wednesday, deployed special teams to various government-owned facilities across the state to enforce the restriction on access to large public gatherings for persons without evidence of COVID-19 vaccination.

The enforcement was monitored by the Edo COVID-19 Enforcement Team, headed by Mr. Yusuf Haruna, who led other members of the team to government offices in the Benin metropolis, including the Government House and the State Secretariat, among others, to ensure compliance with the government’s directive on vaccination, as well as adherence to non-pharmaceutical interventions against the spread of the virus.

Haruna said the enforcement further showed the government’s commitment to containing the pandemic and protecting Edo people, urging citizens to complement the government’s efforts by coming out to get the vaccines.

According to him, “Today’s enforcement has shown that the government is committed to ensuring the health and safety of Edo residents. This move by the Edo State Government is for the interest of the people; to save them from being infected by the virus.

“What we started today is to ensure that those who do not have their cards are asked to work from home, while those who have proof of vaccination are allowed to enter their various offices. Those who claimed they left the cards at home were advised to go back home to get it. We also used our devices to scan the cards to ensure people are not faking it.”

He continued: “With the enforcement today, we have sent a signal that the safety of residents is in their hands, as the government can only make laws to protect the people: that’s what the Edo State Government has done.

“I encourage everyone to form the habit of going around with their vaccination cards so they will not be embarrassed. Moving forward, we are going to increase our special enforcement teams to ensure that the regulation of government is further enforced.”

“The enforcement is starting from government facilities and will be extended to other public places as long as COVID-19 pandemic remains with us. We will continue to enforce the State laws as it concerns the safety of our people in Edo State,” Haruna added.

On his part, Felix Omende, a civil servant, praised the government’s determination to safeguard Edo citizens, noting, “It’s a good move to check the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the State. I urge those who have not been vaccinated to do so to protect themselves.”

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