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Ease of Doing Business Secretariat

Mr. Osaze Ighoretin Ogbomo

The secretariat is the coordinating and operational arm of the EoDB council, which works with other MDAs to assist in implementing their staff to the state’s reform programme. A crucial role of the secretariat is to assist MDAs in designing their reform approaches and consider alternative reform options.

The secretariat operates from the Edo State Investment Promotion Office. The organogram below of the secretariat is displayed below. The EoDB secretariat acts as the engine room of the state council by coordinating the implementation of key activities in the reform process amongst the MDAs. 

The EoDB Team Leader plays a vital role as the link between the council and the MDAs. The official collaborates with MDAs to design and deliver the ease of doing business work plan and serves as the chief liaison officer coordinating activities between the secretariat and the MDAs and acting as the desk
officers’ supervisor in the secretariat

Mr. Osaze Ighoretin Ogbomo

Desk officers are assigned to each key indicator to coordinate reform plans and maintain communication between the MDAs and the secretariat. The desk officers are also responsible for updating information on each indicator and maintaining notes of meetings that feed into the EoDB Council reports.