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Edo State Advancing in Circular Economy, Transforming Waste to Wealth

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Edeniyere Abraham Osose

As the world continues to struggle to find the best solutions to waste management, especially the plastic pollution syndrome, which has become a huge burden globally, Nigeria has become one of the worst hit among African nations. When you peep into the gutters of any big Nigerian city, what you see are floating plastic cans, water sachets, nylons, empty bottles, and other waste materials disposed indiscriminately by residents.

All these are carried by rainwater to block drainages and cause flooding, or flow into the ocean, and this further poses environmental and life threats to both humans and livestock.

Against the backdrop of the foregoing, Edo State Government has been proactive in taking advantage of the enormous potential of the circular economy as it seeks alternative ways of turning all these waste materials into wealth through recycling activities in the state. In this wise, the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration has provided the enabling environment for both local and foreign investors in the circular economy sector, with the right policies in place for them to thrive and drive the waste-to-wealth idea.

As part of its efforts to clean up the state and ensure sustainability of the environment through modern technology and Public-Private Partnership business model, the Edo State Government recently partnered with various investors, who are in circular economy business, especially in the area of plastic recycling activities.

This is part of strategies to facilitate and control the rate of indiscriminate dumping of refuse, particularly plastic waste, which has become a menace with the rising population in the state. Amongst the steps taken by the state government is the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EP-20 Nigeria, with the initiative to create more job opportunities for professionals, who are experts in operating the facilities, and non-professionals, such as waste scavengers and other menial workers, who will in turn, make money from what they gather from the waste and sell to the company.

Similarly, WEMTAP Tech Ltd. Company has keyed into the circular economy initiative as it has seized the rare opportunity to establish an unprecedented recycling plant at Third Circular Road, by St. Saviour area in Benin City, where many residents are presently employed and are making money from plastic waste materials through sorting and recycling activities. It is pertinent to state that the laudable feat can be attributed to the policies initiated by the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration, which have given investors the enabling environment to do business seamlessly.

Meanwhile, both local and foreign investors are now leveraging the business-friendly climate in the state, as Edo State has become a preferred destination for investment and a hub for industries. This initiative is giving more job opportunities to the residents. It is interesting to note that Edo residents have started making money from their waste materials such as plastic cans, bottles, nylons, and other items which are often tagged as waste.

These items are now being converted into monetary value at the various recycling centres in the State. Edo residents are now being advised to embrace the “wastepreneurs” nomenclature who are providing answers to waste management, especially the plastic pollution syndrome by taking waste straight from the refuse dump, transforming it, and redefining its purpose.

These innovators work with different materials such as water sachets, scrap metal, bottles, plastic, tyres, and several others. It is important to note that many youths are also learning on the job on how to creatively make beautiful artworks from waste materials. This brings to mind the rhetorical question: if waste can give us a brand new product, why won’t I be wealthy through waste?

It is therefore advisable for residents of the State to embrace this laudable programme initiated by the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration to clean up Edo State and generate income for its residents.

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