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Edo State Govt Developing Reading Culture in Youths, as Obaseki Hails Osariemen’s Attempt to Set New World Marathon Reading Aloud Record

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Nosakhare Agbonigiarhuoyi

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has hailed the untiring effort of Miss Osariemen Angel Asien, who is currently attempting the ‘Longest Marathon Reading Aloud’ for the Guinness World Record. Osariemen had read for 207 hours as at the time of the Governor’s visit on Wednesday March 6 2024, exceeding the current world record of 145 hours.

Delighted over the drive of the Edo-born, Obaseki remarked that her action speaks to his administration’s vision of developing a reading culture among young ones in the state.

According to the Governor, “It is particularly gratifying to see one of our own, Osariemen Asien, breaking a world record in reading. It just ties in with what we have preached and the work we have done over the last 7 years in Edo State; trying to reenact education, particularly Basic education; trying to develop a reading culture for our young ones and children in this state.

“To see one of them now taking it to another level, to try and get the world to see how well young people in Edo are doing, how aspirational they are, and how globally competitive they have become, I believe that there can be no greater reward for our administration than what this young lady has done.

“We are here to support her, and I want to ask all of you to support because she has broken the world record in reading. What a record to break! It is quite gratifying and fulfilling.”

In company of the Governor to support Osariemen’s aspiration, was Professor Demas Nwoko, a Nigerian architect who designed the historic Oba Akenzua Cultural Centre, as Governor Obaseki also commended him for his groundbreaking architectural designs.

Obaseki said: “Most of you may not realize that he is one of Africa’s greatest architects today. One of his seminal works is the Oba Akenzua Cultural Centre, which is among the one thousand and one buildings you must see before you die. He is here with us, as Osariemen read from one of his books. He is also here to see one of his works, the Oba Akenzua Cultural Centre, which we are going to finally try and complete, and make it part of the cultural district which we are building.”

Osariemen, who set out on the journey at 6am on Friday March 23, 2024, had accomplished the 207 hours of marathon reading as at 6am on Wednesday March 6, 2024. At the time of this report, she is still on her reading quest, hoping to read an additional 30 hours or more.

Also present with the Governor at the visit were: Edo State first lady, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki; Edo State Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Tourism, Hon. Oduwa Malaka; amongst others

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