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Education Week: Obaseki Charges Teachers on Impactful Leadership, Tech Application in Birthing Global Citizens

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Education Week: Obaseki Charges Teachers on Impactful Leadership, Tech Application in Birthing Global Citizens

…admonishes teachers, residents to elect competent successor to sustain education reforms

Eguasa Godspower


Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has charged teachers in the state, to be intentional, impactful, and courageous in driving change, leveraging the ongoing technological revolution in the state in birthing future citizens who would compete favorably with their peers in the global education ecosystem.

Obaseki gave the charge during the ‘Edo Teachers for Tech Conference’, organized by the Edo State Government through the state’s Ministry of Education, as part of activities marking the Education Week, which held at the Victor Uwaifo Creative Hub, on Monday June 10, 2024, in Benin City.

Obaseki who expressed delight at the magnitude of transformation achieved so far by his administration in the education sector of the state, lauded the fervor and enthusiasm expressed by teachers in the state, in learning, unlearning, and re-learning, compared to the apathy demonstrated by teachers in past administrations.

Obaseki said: “I honestly do not know where to start because today reminds me so much of the day we graduated our first set of teachers in 2018; many of you are here from the Bridge Training. When I stepped into the room that day, it was electric. That is the same feeling I had when I stepped into this hall this afternoon. So maybe technology has something to do with your spirit.

“But just reflecting back six years, I feel so fulfilled and so grateful and thankful to God that he has made this possible; that we have been able to take a situation of almost hopelessness, where there was just animosity, mistrust between teachers and government, to one today, where the teachers are the ones calling for more knowledge, calling for more learning. I think we have every reason to be grateful.

“So, it is not about you, it is about those who govern you. The lesson is; we must be sure we participate and elect good people; people who are prepared to make the sacrifice for us.

“I will not lie, the last eight years have been difficult sometimes, very difficult. When you see human beings, people who you think God has created to be good; they just begin to perpetrate evil; they are happy seeing other people miserable; you know, it shocks you sometimes. A few people want to have it all and they do not care about the rest of you”

The Governor further remarked that the reforms in the past eight years bear testament to the innate capacity of teachers in the state, admonishing them to put in more efforts, in order to ensure that the next generation of citizens in Edo State become global citizens.

“We are beginning to see it in them; we are beginning to see the confidence that our young children are exuding because you are doing a great job already. We are only just appealing to you to do more; we are going to give you the tools like we have done today, training you on the use of technology in our classrooms”, Obaseki said.

Obaseki who commended teachers and education heads for their efforts and kind-heartedness in supporting indigent children in the state, urged them to remain courageous and consistent in providing impactful leadership and directions.

He said: “The future looks very bright, at least for us in Edo, and I mean it. What we are doing today is sustainable if only leaders care enough to make the sacrifice and lead us at every level. I have heard stories of how some of you have gone into homes to help very indigent children stay in school, and we can see the outcome. I have heard stories of how lecturers with their little income, support some students; that is leadership.

“All we need to do is escalate that leadership to a much higher level, so that those of us in government house, those of us in politics, would learn to make a bit more sacrifices for the betterment of our society.

“In a few months, I will not be Governor of Edo State. However, in the last eight years, I have shown you that it is possible to have a better society. And I have also shown you that one key ingredient is courage. Nobody can kill you, they can kill your flesh, but never your spirit. Just be courageous in your truth and in your belief. And if you do that, rest assured, there will be no place like Edo.”

Obaseki added: “It behooves on you, the teachers, not to lose hope. The next generations of Edo citizens are in your hands. I told you six years ago that I am leaving these children in your care. So far, you have not disappointed me. And I pray that God will make it possible for you to accomplish what we set out to do”.

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