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Gov Obaseki Harps on Need to Plan Physical Environment

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Gov Obaseki Harps on Need to Plan Physical Environment

…promotes staff for selfless service, hardwork

Nosakhare Agbonigiarhuoyi

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has re-emphasized the need to plan the physical environment. He made this remark on Tuesday February 6 2024, during a retreat by the Edo State Ministry of Physical Planning, Housing, Urban, and Regional Development, which had as its theme, ‘Finishing Strong: Consolidating Strategies for a Sustainable Built Environment’.

The Governor, who commended members of staff of the Ministry for the progress made thus far in physical planning in the state, charged them to consolidate on the achievements, and shun any form of compromise while carrying out their duties.

According to Obaseki, “The reason I keep attending your retreat is because of the very important role planning, particularly physical planning, occupies in our administration. This is one of the legacies our administration will leave behind. We did say to ourselves that we want to leave a culture, a society where we plan, not just our physical environment, but also our social and economic development.

“We know and are certain of today. What we do not know is tomorrow. So, if you do not plan for tomorrow, how are you going to deal with the adversities and the changes that occur tomorrow?

“The whole purpose of life is to plan for when you are not there, and hope that you will make your world better than you met it. So, one thing we say we will not negotiate in this government is planning, particularly planning our physical environment.”

Obaseki added: “We want to show how the ideal should be, how we should be building into the future. The culture of individuals trying to build their own homes and building blocks is outdated. We are moving to an era where people buy homes; where, because of the way we have planned the environment and the communities, we are able to get large scale developers to come in and build at affordable cost.”

The Governor also promoted a member of staff who has distinguished herself in the course of her duties, noting that those who put in their best will get instant reward, in addition to future ones.

Obaseki said: “Someone like Deborah, who has shown selflessness and hard work; I am not going to wait for the civil service. I am promoting her immediately. This is a message for all of you. Once you do well, you show initiative, you exceed your expectations, you will be rewarded. We will make sure that those who put in their all, who serve the people, they are rewarded here and now, not in the future alone.

“For those young men who are political appointees, you are all going to be converted and moved into the main line civil service. This is just the beginning. We are going to do a lot more. You know me. I believe in my civil and public servants. We are looking for ways to see how we can pay you much better than you are being currently paid. We want to make sure that your work environment is the best that can be; that you have all the tools to work.”

The Governor further assured of the provision of social support for all staff, which include healthcare coverage, alongside a safe and progressive society. He also cautioned officers not to give in to compromise, as anyone caught would be prosecuted accordingly.

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