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TUC President Osifo Lauds Obaseki’s Transformational Strides in Education

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TUC President, Osifo Laud Obaseki’s Giant Strides In Transforming Educational System In Edo.

By Godspower Eguasa

The President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) of Nigeria, Mr Festus Osifo, has lauded the efforts of the Governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki, in revolutionising the educational sector in the State. 

Osifo gave this commendation at a dinner organised by the Ministry of Education to commemorate Education Week for 2023. The event was held on Thursday, 27th April 2023, at the New Festival Hall in Government House.

He described the Governor as indefatigable and intentional in changing the narrative surrounding the educational system in Edo. He expressed his gratitude to the Governor and his team, including the Deputy Governor and Commissioner, for their efforts in bringing about a positive transformation in the educational sector of Edo State, as well as other sectors.

“Thank you for all you do, we are following you deliberately and we see the transformation that you are bringing to the educational sector in Edo State, vis-a-vis, other sectors of the State as well,” he said. 

According to Osifo, “Educational development is actually an intentional act”

He emphasised that educational development requires a deliberate effort, which the Governor has demonstrated through the introduction of EdoBEST and other initiatives to improve the quality of education in the State. He also noted the importance of developing teachers and ensuring they receive prompt payment for their services.

“It is good to have a good environment to learn, but it is much better that, even while you have that good environment to learn, you should also develop your teachers,” Osifo said.

The TUC President expressed delight in the notable achievements attributed to Edo State, courtesy of the ongoing education reforms in the State, and stressed the need for the state to put in place a legal and regulatory framework for institutionalising the developmental strides attained so far in the education sector.

He also encouraged the state to continue the teacher appreciation day and training programs, as well as to review the curriculum to ensure that it aligns with current knowledge and standards.

Osifo called for the institutionalization of a roadmap that will guide the development of the education sector, even after the current government’s exit. He urged the state to take this roadmap to the legislature to make it a law and prevent subsequent administrations from disregarding it.

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