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Edo State Govt strategises for its resident Children’s future – Commissioner

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By Oginni Joy Kehinde

The Commissioner for Social Development and Gender Issues, Hon. Christabel Omoh Ekwu has disclosed that the Edo State Government would do all it takes to secure the future of the Edo child.

Hon. Ekwu made the assertion during the Annual General Meeting of the Child Protection Network held in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Commissioner explained that Nigeria like many other countries, faces a variety of social, economic and political issues that impact negatively on the well-being and opportunities available to children, assuring that there is still hope for the Nigerian child who continuously aspires for progress with strength and vigour.

“Nigeria has a rich cultural heritage, a growing young population, numerous talented and ambitious young individuals who have the potential to contribute significantly to the Country’s development and prosperity”, Hon. Ekwu noted.

The Commissioner addressed five key agenda which are significant to ensuring a brighter future for Nigerian children to include access to quality education, healthcare, basic amenities, issues related to child labour, child marriage, poverty, and security concerns in certain regions of Nigerian.

Hon. Ekwu disclosed that in Edo State, the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration has keen interest in the well-being of children, hence its efforts towards securing the future of the Edo child through the enhancement of access to quality education for all children, including those in rural areas.

The Commissioner highlighted some key areas of interest in Edo State that had benefited children in the State to include; compulsory basic education, healthcare, nutrition, domestication of the Child Protection law, creation of economic opportunities, good governance, among others. She encouraged states yet to key into the initiative of the Child Protection Network to emulate Edo State in order to enjoy its numerous benefits.

“Save one child at a time. It’s a wakeup call for all working in the child space not to be weary in doing well”, She concluded.

Highpoint of the ceremony was the presentation of an award to the Edo State Government as the Best State for Child Protection Network by the National Coordinator, Child Protection Network, Nigeria, Mr. Olakunle Sanni.

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