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Good Governance: Motivating the Workforce through Wellbeing Enhancement Policies

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By Eghosa Emily.

Edo State emerges as a shining example of prioritizing the well-being of its workforce in the entirety of the Federation. Not only does it boast of the highest Minimum Wage in the country, but it also sets an unparalleled standard in terms of timely salary disbursement, unique perks, and comprehensive insurance coverage for its Civil/Public Servants.

Edo State proudly stands as the best-paying state for civil servants in Nigeria. With a Minimum Wage set at 40,000 Naira, it outstrips other states and the Federal Government, where the Minimum Wage remains fixed at 30,000 Naira. This significant difference of 33.3 percent reflects Edo State’s commitment to providing a more lucrative compensation structure for its workforce.

One noteworthy feature that sets Edo State apart is its unwavering resolve to pay civil servants on or before the 26th of every month. This commitment contrasts sharply with the financial challenges faced by numerous states in the federation, leaving them struggling to meet the 30,000 Naira Minimum Wage and often leading to salary arrears.

In December, civil/ public servants in Edo State enjoyed the additional financial cushion of a 13th-month salary, a rare privilege in many Federal and State Government Parastatals where the disbursement of December salaries remained pending till January. Moreover, Edo stands out as the only state in Nigeria to approve January 2024 promotions, while others grapple with months or even years of promotion arrears.

Edo State takes a pioneering step in prioritizing the well-being of its civil servants by providing life insurance for all civil/public service workers. In the unfortunate event of a worker’s demise, the family members receive death benefits amounting to thrice the annual salary of the deceased employee within weeks, thereby offering a sense of security and financial support not witnessed in other states.

Every worker in the Public Service of Edo State is covered by health insurance, a holistic approach that ensures access to prioritized medical care for employees. The impact of this initiative is evident by simply visiting the secretariat and gauging the workforce’s opinions, highlighting the state government’s commitment to the overall health and welfare of its employees.

Edo State has positioned itself as a trailblazer in Nigeria’s civil service, setting a high standard for employee welfare. From a superior minimum wage and punctual salary disbursement to unique perks like the 13th-month salary and comprehensive insurance coverage, Edo State government stands as a beacon of progress in ensuring the well-being of its dedicated workforce.

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